KEY-9® - the practical starting point for optimizing project management in your organization

You are facing project-related issues such as...

  • An overview of on-going projects does not exist, the progress of projects is not known
  • You would like to improve the way how projects are handled but don't know where to start
  • You have difficulties implementing the corporate strategy
  • All projects are classified as being highly important, still project managers constantly moan about lack of resources - a contradiction only at first sight
  • You don't have a clue about how to consolidate the many different opinions regarding the repositioning of your project management office (PMO)
  • Project management is important for your enterprise, but you still have failing projects

Normal response to the above are 3 common measures with very limited effect:

  1. Send project managers to generic training courses
  2. > Back in the company the day-to-day practice looks quite different
    > The corporate environment does not change

  3. Create a PM manual (or even better let it be written by external consultants)
  4. > Most manuals are shelf-ware since they are too voluminous and supporting development measures are missing

  5. Implement a PM tool
  6. > Most often a tool shall help to compensate for non-existent processes and roles

A far better approach: use the KEY-9® Map

  • proven in practice
  • sound theoretical foundation
  • efficient and cost-effective
  • involvement of stakeholders embedded in the process


CEO from a Bank: “Our current and future approach to project work is tied to the common understanding of related roles and responsibilities and underlying assumptions. Therefore I am very pleased that with KEY-9 we pay appropriate attention to such cultural aspects.”

Citation from an executive manager: “It absolutely makes sense that we consider the greater whole first and do not take the usual route by starting right away with (sub-) optimizing parts without knowing how they fit together.”

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