Why KEY-9

The Challenge

  • How to structure a complex organizational development topic in due time?
  • How to achieve common understanding on a complex topic across individuals or groups?
  • How to find consensus on importance and urgency on burning issues?
  • How to identify measures which are sustainable?
  • How to quickly discover where your team has consensus and where the important discrepancies occur?

The Answer is the KEY-9® Map

The Map

The KEY-9® Map represents a “common sense” component model of a generic “project-friendly” environment covering temporary and permanent organization which are both required for successful projects and programs.
In a short period of time different aspects of a complex organizational development topic can be discussed and documented using the «heat map» feature.

The Social Dimension

We bring the relevant stakeholders into a room and let them do a self-assessment of the map in a facilitated workshop. Thus we release the power of group dynamics for building common understanding and for decision making.

The Tool

We are currently developing a simple tool to enable summarizing of several individual assessments into a group evaluation result by means of assigning numeric values to evaluation criteria. This will allow also for geographically distributed people participating virtually in the same workshop.

The Process


Your Benefits

  • Intelligent solutions by using the organizational intelligence
  • Alignment by focusing all energies towards a common objective
  • Identification by involvement of affected parties
  • Simplification by a common language and a common model
  • Structure and process help to avoid the danger of wanting to solve everything at once
  • Top management intuitively likes the KEY-9® Map because it provides a one page overview of the issues and potentials of their organization related to projects and strategy execution (“heat map” with applied evaluation criteria and resulting hot spots)