Implementation, optimization or professionalization of project management - whatever you name it - is an organizational change process and not a methodology project. We offer three services to support you in such a process which is about resistance to change and determined action, about confusion and understanding, about seemingly immeasurable obstacles and transcending them.

Awareness Building

Someone within an organization may recognize the need to optimize or professionalize project management. If that person is not the CEO, COO or similar top manager, other people may not see such a need and thus the readiness to launch activities may not be given, there may not even be enough readiness for scheduling a KEY-9® workshop. In such a case we can support the initiator with client-specific awareness building measures adapted to the situation at hand.

KEY-9® Map Standard Assessment

Based on our experience we have developed a standard service offering to support you in assessing the as-is situation of your project environment to facilitate the process of identifying the hot spots with need for action in your specific case.
Our standard assessment includes:

  • Initiation incl. alignment of approach and timing, identification of interview partners, insight into current organization and project environment
  • A limited number of interviews with representatives from decision makers, line managers and project managers
  • Workshop preparation incl. definition of evaluation criteria and of workshop participants
  • Workshop incl. facilitated self-assessment of the KEY-9® Map, identification of conclusions/drivers/impacts, definition of high-level roadmap for implementation and definition of short-term measures to realize quick wins
  • Documentation of results

In most cases the standard assessment as described above meets clients' needs and expectations and thus effort and cost can be kept low. Get in touch so we can talk about your specific needs and expectations and about timing and pricing.

Implementation Support

Types of implementation support

  • Facilitation, e.g. set up or validate an implementation roadmap, set up implementation projects
  • Co-lead for overall improvement initiative (the primary lead should be assigned to an internal person)
  • Coaching, e.g. of the overall improvement initiative leader or of the sponsor
  • Quality assurance
  • Training
  • Interim management (PMO or project portfolio management)

Subject areas for implementation support (non-exhaustive list)

  • Set up governance of projects
  • Set up project portfolio management
  • Develop/redesign project life cycle models or milestone frameworks
  • Develop career paths for project management personnel
  • Set up up quality and risk management
  • Set up a new or re-position the existing PMO